An inner source of value…

To communicate successfully with our inner self
and investigate its nature,
we must become true lovers of wisdom,
not mere followers of ideas.

Then the external form of our religious practice,
its ceremony and doctrine,
touches us on the deepest level.

Our actions are appropriate and beneficial
because they flow from an inner source of value.

As we make our way through the world,
the landscape around us may sometimes appear barren,
but the healing waters of wisdom
always flow beneath the surface.

If we put aside our prejudices
and lay down our struggle,
we may find what we seek
beneath our very feet. 

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Teachings from the Heart



True meaning and value…

Opening the world of thought
does not depend on systems or psychologies
but on direct experience.

If we can communicate with our mind,
we can open thoughts through thoughts;
we can interpret without an interpreter.

The starting point is
to see that we are not free,
that we are trapped
in the field of emotions and thoughts.

The more deeply we understand this,
the more easily we can cut through
the bonds that restrict us.

Eventually, we can directly touch
the meaning of knowledge,
finding the source of its vitality and abundance,
and with it, true meaning and value.

This discovery is like coming home.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Teachings from the Heart


Serenity in every situation

When our thoughts, speech, and actions
emanate from a deep inner integrity,
we need no verification of our worth from others.

We can establish priorities for our lives,
knowing that even the mistakes we make
will serve to increase our knowledge.

When our minds and senses are open,
appreciating every nuance of experience,
there is no room for worry or self-doubts,
or any opportunity for guilt or despair
to take root in our hearts.

Life becomes easier and more joyous,
and emotions lose their power to give pain.

Fully aware, with a confidence in our abilities
beyond what we could have imagined,
we find serenity in every situation.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Teachings from the Heart


A more knowing inner voice…

To open inner channels of communication that now lie hidden and forgotten, we must discover new ways of linking body and mind. When we observe the flow of our energy as we go about our daily activities, we can feel what supports energy at a steady level and what drains it. By turning our attention inward, we can touch a softer, more subtle side of our senses and learn to listen to a quieter, more knowing voice.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Teachings from the Heart


Healing the planet…

Healing our own souls will empower us to heal the planet.

We know that wholesome and compassionate attitudes spread from person to person.

Our individual positive experience may seem a tiny point
in a vast network of the planet.

But from that point radiate
ever widening circles of influence,
the power of peaceful joy, compassion and love.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Mandala Gardens

Moments of appreciation…

Moments of appreciation
can help us practice sensitivity
without grasping or avoiding experience.

We can find this appreciation
when we stop to consider
even the simplest things.

They can move us so deeply;
the gleam of sunlight on green grass,
the smell of food cooking –
all these ordinary blessings
can become sources of inspiration.

Feeling a cool breeze on our face,
we do not have to try to catch the wind;
we can allow it to play out and follow its nature.

We can appreciate the soft touch,
and do not need to fear
its gradual easing into stillness.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Kum Nye Dancing

logo dancer burgundy-green

The body can relax the mind…

Physical discomfort has a mental or emotional component;
when the mind is not at ease,
the body cannot be relaxed.

When our bodies are completely loose and relaxed,
the energy within our cells begins to flow smoothly and naturally
throughout our whole system.

This energy manifests as balance, joy,
or even love.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Kum Nye Relaxation
The Joy of Being