How do we get tense and uncomfortable in our bodies? Joy of Being tells us:

Certain kinds of sensations, thoughts, and desires that arise during the day tend to create a feeling of discomfort and uncertainty. Their subtle residues accumulate as tension in our nerves and muscles, where they constrict the energy of body and mind. We may feel down or unhappy without knowing why or having any idea of how to relieve the feeling.

This is important, because we often give a name to our unhappiness or give a reason and it may simply be the accumulation of tension throughout the day.

They continue to accumulate, and their effects persist, becoming more obvious when our energy slackens.

Eventually we may become very ill as a result of this accumulated tension.

So how do we fix it before it becomes something serious? Again, Joy of Being states:

Kum Nye relaxation may appear very basic and easy, and it is. It makes us feel good and when we feel good, we can offer positive thoughts and attitudes to others. Relaxation, like other endeavors, improves with practice. Little by little we see for ourselves how greatly Kum Nye can improve the quality of our lives.


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