Please read this if you are a current Kum Nye student under Arnaud Maitland

Kum Nye logoIf you are currently a student of Arnaud Maitland or any students of Arnaud Maitland or continue to do retreats, workshops, or webinars with or practice e-KumNye written by Arnaud Maitland, and you subscribe to this blog, I would like to ask you to unsubscribe from this blog. If you currently do not practice Kum Nye at all, then you can ignore this request and continue to enjoy the quotes of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. If you would like to read more about Mr Maitland and sexual harassment, read this blog post.

Mr Maitland’s way of teaching Kum Nye is not compatible with the intention and vision of this blog, and as such, it is inappropriate for you to be reading it.

Logo Bowling pins BurgundyIf you have been a student in Mr Maitland’s lineage for a long time, you might ask yourself if you really have benefited from this participation. Are you realizing the promise of being as expressed by Tarthang Tulku in the books Kum Nye Relaxation, The Joy of Being, and Kum Nye Dancing? Do you find that your teacher, Mr Maitland, exhibits the qualities that are expressed by Tartang Tulku RInpoche in these books, after all of the time he has practiced and taught Kum Nye?

logo circles burgundy greenIf you have been associated with Arnaud Maitland for any length of time, you are aware of his erratic behavior. If you feel that this behavior is appropriate given the things that he teaches and the views he espouses, then you should no longer be reading this blog. If you would like to read an example of some of Mr Maitland’s more egregious behavior, please read this blog post for a summary of how he interacted with me when I was a student and employee of his at Dharma Publishing. My experience was not the first time he has done this, and it is unlikely to be the last.

logo spiral burgundy-greenIf Mr Maitland displays such a lack of moral and ethical behavior in this way, in what other ways might he be unethical?  And more importantly, perhaps most importantly, how might his unethical behavior be affecting you, your practice, and your progress?

If you find any of this upsetting or difficult to read, please do not comment or write to me, please just unsubscribe from this blog.

Thank you very much.



The perfection of morality…

The perfection of morality is the rejection of whatever ever leads oneself and others away from a positively creative or virtuous state of mind and the cultivation of whatever leads out of a destructive or vicious state of mind.

We cannot fix a rigid moral code to guide us because every situation must be approached with openness.

However, the ten vices listed by the tradition give fundamental direction as to what to avoid and their antitheses indicate what to cultivate.

The ten vices are killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, gossiping, slandering, speaking harshly, coveting, bearing malice and erroneous views, that is, bigotry.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Calm and Clear