The antidote to anger is love, compassion, and patience.

But until we know how to apply these,
we may instead try to force our anger down.

We may try this by keeping quiet, by walking, sleeping, reading books –
but none of these are antidotes to anger’s poison.

What we can do is concentrate on the anger,
not allowing any other thoughts to enter.

That means we sit with our angry thoughts,
focusing our concentration on the anger –
not on its object –
so that we make no discriminations, have no reactions.

Likewise, when anxiety or any other disturbing feeling arises,
keep the feeling concentrated.

It is important not to lose it.
But it is also important
not to think further about it or act on it.

Just feel the energy, nothing more.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Openness Mind


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