Life is moving and changing much faster than even a few years ago.

Many exciting and fascinating things are happening every day –
it is all a very beautiful dance,
and every situation, every activity, and every thought
has its place in our practice.

Each experience can teach us how foolish it is to be so dramatic and serious –
and that even our difficulties can be transcended, for nothing is permanent.

When we remind ourselves to keep our bodies
and minds in harmony with our awareness,
we become familiar with every change in our thoughts and moods.

And we can remember to bring our awareness immediately
into the midst of any situation that could disturb our balance.

In this way we can become sensitive to our emotions as they arise
and thus begin to break our emotional patterns and our attachments to them.

The more our awareness increases, the more we have time for positive action.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Gesture of Balance


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