There is no need to make “being in the present” the goal of practice.

On the contrary: striving prevents awareness from opening up.

Presence can just be,
and relaxation comes naturally,
further opening the present moment, ocean-wide.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Kum Nye Dancing

Gesture 20
part of the Kum Nye Dance
Freedom of Being I


2 thoughts on “Being present is not the goal of practice

  1. I did one hour of Kum Nye. We all have aches and pains.
    But in this practice, FEELING and BREATH are literally forced
    through the “acceptance” areas of the brain, The aches and pains are “flushed” with feeling and breath. The end result is that both
    feeling and breath heal aches and pains. And maybe cancer, disease,
    and all the bad stuff as well. When you are still, feeling arises.
    Breath slows down. And areas of the body which are not used get flooded with feeling and breath. Awareness embraces the new areas. If I live to 90, it will have been this practice that did it.


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