Beyond the pre-patterned character of experience,
beyond all mental activity, there may exist a completely different reality –
a total openness.

We discover that we have what we need and
we are what we seek:
like space, we are already open.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Kum Nye Dancing

Gesture 19
part of the Kum Nye Dance
Freedom of Being I


2 thoughts on “We have what we need, we are what we seek…

  1. I’ve been doing e-Kum Nye since August 12th, 2013.
    The Five Rites since August 12th 2013
    Kum Nye Dancing since September 20, 2014
    Vegetarianism/Nutripoints since October 7th 2014
    I walk everyday.

    At 63 1/2, I do 35 advanced push-ups daily.

    My blood pressure is 120/80, that of a 24-year-old.

    I have lost 52 pounds. My heart murmur is gone.


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