There is no way we can ‘fix’ samsara, our ordinary existence so it becomes fully satisfying. As long as we are caught within it, we will be subject to its cycles of hope and fear, enjoyment and frustration, pleasure and pain.

Sometimes we refuse to admit this. “Surely things will get better soon,” we say to ourselves, putting off any attempt to bring about fundamental change.

At other times, we develop a pessimistic attitude: “I can’t possibly change anything, so why bother to try?”

Indeed, it may seem hopeless, this samsaric existence. Where can we go that unhappiness does not follow like a shadow? Yet if we resign ourselves to disappointment, we will have lost a priceless opportunity.

The teachings of Buddhism tell us that to understand the hopelessness of samsara is to enter the path to liberation from suffering.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Hidden Mind of Freedom


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