From a Buddhist perspective, the key to bringing about real and lasting change in our lives is to investigate the universal patterns that shape our experience, the workings of the mind, and the conditions of our lives.

First comes the realization that samsara is characterized by suffering and frustration, and that the laws governing its operation are pitiless in undermining our deepest aspirations and longings.

Next we learn to recognize how samsara is created and sustained by the actions of body and mind and the relationship we establish between the self and its world. We see that we have programmed ourselves to repeat the same cycles of suffering over and over, and we learn that while it is easy to get caught in samsara, it is almost impossible to escape.

Gradually we discover that the teachings on pratityasamutpada (interdependent origination), offer the knowledge we need to devise a better program for ourselves, one that will enable us to escape the traps that samsara sets.

Armed with this knowledge, we can reverse these destructive conditions and attain the goal of enlightenment.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Mind over Matter



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