Even if we wish to free ourselves from the frozen concepts of the past,
isn’t this thought or desire dependent on words and concepts?

Even the finest thoughts we have –
thoughts of awakened mind, of awareness, of enlightenment –
are names and concepts interpreted and judged by the mind.

Not knowing who we are,
unable to see where we are going,
we seem to live at the mercy of our creation.

How can we know what we want –
how can we trust that what we are looking for even exists?

Although our way of being seems not to be ours by choice,
who is participating in these patterns,
if not ourselves?

There is no one else to blame –
we are the supporters and reinforcers of our ‘reality’,
our inherited creation.

We run the show;
we are producer, sponsor, manager, player, audience.

This is our drama, our tragedy.
We may smile or laugh from time to time,
but our comedies are brief interludes in the larger drama of our lives.

We have programmed ourselves for tragedy:
We play all the parts and weep at the end.

We no longer know the play is a play,
for we have become come part of our creation.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Knowledge of Freedom


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