Because we have confused ourselves with ‘I’,
we cannot appreciate our own real nature
or intimately experience the world we live in.

Although we yearn for meaning and value in our lives,
we do not know where to find them.

Instead of interacting with experience directly,
we perceive all that happens
just as an audience watches a drama played for its benefit.

We have become habituated to the role of viewer,
detached from the whole.

All we know is grounded in illusions established by ‘I’,
made ever more solid, believable, and real
by repetition and accumulation.

Judging, controlling, and manipulating for its own benefit,
the ‘I’ blinds us to the creative unfolding of our experience.

Firmly established in the control booth,
the ‘I’ makes sure that we watch the image
and keeps us from the reality.

The ultimate falsifier,
the supreme teller of fairy tales and lies,
the ‘I’ perpetuates itself
by separating human being from life.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Knowledge of Freedom


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