Waiting, hoping, wishing, and wondering, the ordinary mind cannot penetrate the dreamlike deception of samsara. Everything “slips through our fingers”; good intentions vanish; deep insights dissipate.
We glimpse alternatives but are powerless to enact them. It seems impossible to accumulate enough strength or knowledge to achieve anything of lasting value.
Something is always wrong, but the specific problem cannot be isolated, penetrated, and resolved once and for all. A subtle confusion reigns, and more energy is poured into confusion and complaints about the problems than into direct resolution.
Crisis after crisis erupts, fueled by hatreds and desires; conflicts and disputes attract energy and attention away from positive pursuits. In the time that remains, not much can be accomplished.
The clarity and strength of mind needed to overcome obstacles are weakened by indecision, restlessness, and worry. The solutions we hope for are somehow always located in the future. No matter where we look, personally or globally, it becomes increasingly clear that the structures imposed by samsara cannot be transcended with the knowledge that samsara makes available.
The Dharma offers a fresh and liberating alternative to this way of living. Through the Dharma, we can explore for ourselves the solutions made available to humanity by the Buddha.
The brilliance and power of the Buddha’s teachings radiate like the sun, untouched by time.
Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Teachings from the Heart

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