It takes only a few minutes to focus body, mind, and senses by practicing Kum Nye, yoga, Tai Chi, or other kinds of slow, simple movement exercises.

Practiced daily, this kind of deep relaxation flows naturally into meditation. As mind rests within the sense of ease, the focus of concentration shifts to within the experience itself; meditation becomes vivid and clear, inherently a part of our being. Thoughts and images subside; pressure to respond to mind’s urgings lessens, and it is possible to sense an alert, wakeful quality that goes beyond ordinary mind. Here meditation becomes the healer of mind, and its benefits begin to surface more clearly in daily life.

Harmful thoughts and emotions arise less often and fade more quickly; experience becomes lighter and more joyful.

Mind becomes happier and more friendly, more able to reflect the positive aspects of experience. As painful patterns lose their hold, new knowledge can enter – knowledge that can embrace a new time and give rise to a new reality.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Teachings from the Heart

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