When we appreciate mind as the architect of our reality, the source of our greatest joys and our most profound sorrows, we perceive new possibilities for freeing the mind from problems and encouraging it to reflect more beauty and joy into our lives.

Meditation based on this understanding becomes a gentle form of self-healing that relaxes mind’s focus on thoughts and allows it to rest content in the center of our being.

It takes only a few minutes to focus body, mind, and senses by practicing Kum Nye, yoga, Tai Chi, or other kinds of slow, simple movement exercises. Even fifteen minutes to half an hour of sitting practice several times a day can relax body and mind, while memories, tensions, thoughts, and hidden blockages gradually melt away.

Mind becomes pristine and clear, more friendly and accommodating. Peaceful, loving feelings arise, uplifting the spirit and warming the heart. These feelings can be carried into daily life and recalled in difficult times, gentling emotional reactions and slowing the momentum of karma.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Teachings from the Heart

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