Once the dualism of subject and object comes into play, it is reinforced through all thought and actions that follow, initiating a complex interaction of causes and results that reinforces forces a sense of self and adorns it with distinctive attributes and patterns. Accepting the illusion that a person does indeed exist, we fall into existence and become vulnerable to whatever the workings of karma produce.
This process is so deeply ingrained that we can conceive of no other possibility; locked into this way of viewing and interpreting experience, mind can operate no other way, and the thought of questioning it does not arise.
Experience channeled through this pattern gives rise to samsara, the reality created by the klesha-bound mind. This reality cannot touch the present directly: Mind retains memories, images, and thoughts related to the past and casts them into the present; interpreting the present in light of the past, it evokes emotions that in turn reflect back to mind, generating further distortions and leading ever more surely into painful states of mind.
When we appreciate mind as the architect of our reality, the source of our greatest joys and our most profound sorrows, we perceive new possibilities for freeing the mind from problems and encouraging it to reflect more beauty and joy into our lives.
Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Teachings from the Heart

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