To the best of our knowledge, the Buddha was the first to discover the path that leads beyond all forms of suffering to complete, perfect enlightenment.

So that others might find the way, he mapped the path to realization, pointing out where to begin, how to analyze, and how to transcend the limits imposed by conditioning.

Since these limitations arise in mind, and it is mind that fabricates our reality, the Buddha emphasized the importance of understanding mind: what it is, how it establishes our reality, and how to activate its potential for transformation.

The path unfolds through analysis of the kleshas, the obscurations that conceal the true nature of mind, and of karma, the interconnectedness of cause and result that conditions the operation of mind. This analysis forms the core of the Abhidharma, the Buddhist science of mind.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Teachings from the Heart

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