The perfection of perseverance is the liberated jet of high energy that destroys obstructing forces.

This energy depends upon banishing all kinds of laziness.
Mental inertia that leads to drowsiness, dreaminess, and sleep;
depression and dejection that paralyzes and turns the mind black and heavy;
addiction to power and wealth that causes a stupor of worry and narrow- minded corpulence:

All downward-pulling forces are easily dissolved with the energy produced through the cultivation and creative direction of good karmic influences.

It is not sufficient to be capable of high- energy bursts;
one must possess drive that persists no matter what forces are in opposition.

Persistence is required more in mind-training than in body-training,
for the subtle grooves in which mind moves are the result sult of an infinite number of mental actions, well- ingrained and therefore
requiring much effort to remold.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Calm and Clear


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