The perfection of patience is the antidote to anger and other states of mind that have aversion as their root.

Anger arises with the inability to see that the frustration from which anger arises in others is identical with one’s own suffering.
Anger arises when preconceived expectations are not met.

Patience is the virtue that controls the arising of rage and increases the tranquility quility of mind. The stimulus to anger is a benefactor that provides the opportunity to examine the nature of mind, the cause of passion and the essential baselessness ness of the attitude.

Patience is also acceptance of the results of self-sacrifice of possessions, wealth, time, reputation, and even body and limb.

Patience is the sandal that the wise man ties to his feet rather than cover the whole road with leather.

At first, it is not possible to pacify every disturbance and aggression; with concentrated effort, patience can be achieved.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Calm and Clear


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