Our own awareness impels us to understand what we are,
and to derive meaning and value from lives limited in time.

Even if we do not recognize our inner yearnings for self-knowledge,
they remain with us and surface as a dissatisfactions with things as they are.

This subtle dissatisfaction motivates much of our search for the new and different,
and feeds restlessness and desires.

The intensity of desires, anxiety, and frustration is a sign that our needs for knowledge are not being fulfilled.

All the ways we seek relief – striving for position, power, wealth, or following the impulses of desires – may only deafen us to the prompting of our awareness.

As desires increase, they distract us from the true source of inner agitation.

Without reversing this tendency, we may never discover
where to look for more lasting satisfaction.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Enlightenment is a Choice


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