Developing Stillness Step by Step – Sit Bones Mondays

Today’s practice is sitting on the sit bones, the first of the Seven Gestures of the sitting posture used in Kum Nye. Spend five to ten minutes three times today focusing intently on your sit bones. (Make an effort to do 10 minutes at least one time – you’ll be proud of yourself and may notice something different beginning to happen.)

Just a reminder of why we are trying to be good at this practice –

The Seven Gestures posture is a balanced way of sitting that
allows energy to circulate well through the body.

This posture is so effective in promoting relaxation, balance, and integration
it can be used as a complete practice in itself.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
The Joy of Being

Here’s an image of what they look like. Try to sense the presence the bones within your body.


If you already meditate, you may be able to relax your concentration, but for the first few attempts, the intensity helps keep focus.

Experiment with relaxing your focus – see what happens as you loosen and tighten it, like the string on a guitar or violin. We’re aiming for ‘just right’- not too loose, not too tight.

Have fun with it!


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