Kum Nye’s way of relaxing body, senses, and mind can introduce us to the power and beauty of the spiritual path.

Abundance of joy inspires generosity of heart
and the wish to bring joy to others.

Joy builds on joy.
Joyful in our own being, we take delight
in the positive accomplishments of others
and spontaneously feel their joy as our own.

The suffering of others hits our heart
more directly, inspiring compassion
and the wish for knowledge
that heals and inspires.

Love moves beyond self and obligation
to manifest more broadly in our actions,
and joy stabilizes into equanimity
that removes fear and empowers commitment.

In this way, the benefits of practicing Kum Nye can transcend the limits of our specific embodiment and generate merit
that uplifts all beings.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
The Joy of Being


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