Insomnia? Try these Kum Nye ways to get to sleep

some days, sleep is elusive. thoughts roll around without stop and the din prevents sleep from coming. what to do?

In Kum Nye, we traditionally recommend Heart Gold Thread (Exercise 105 in the first Kum Nye book Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga. Here’s another possible way – try Tasting Relaxation (Exercise 3 in Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga).

There are so many ways to do, and use, Tasting Relaxation. As we know, relaxation in Kum Nye awakens the flow of energy in the body. An additional benefit – it also releases the obsession with thinking by putting the mind into the body, on a little vacation.

So use it when you’re stuck in traffic. Use it when you’re crammed in on the train. Use it when you’re listening to your mother. Use it when your child starts crying. Use it when the cat throws up on the new rug. Tasting Relaxation. One of the tools that makes life good. As we know, regular practice helps!


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