True relaxation is an ongoing feeling of vitality and alertness that leave the body feeling calm, energized, and ready to act. We can let go of tension in the muscles, senses, mind – the whole human setup.

When we lessen the chronic tightness in our muscles and minds, we sensitize ourselves to subtle qualities of feeling and bring them alive to vigorous and fresh experience.  We discover the naturally alert and flowing state of body, mind and energy, and so we are able to find satisfaction inside ourselves.

Ten Ways to Play: I always like tapas and photo courtesy of jennifersfinefoods.comtiny bits of different flavors when I’m eating – it’s more interesting to my taste buds! So I made this collection of ideas to explore different ways to relax the body, mind, and senses. The variety will keep you engaged in training your body to really, truly relax.

Relaxation in Kum Nye means energizing the body, mind and senses, releasing tension to facilitate the flow of feeling in the body. So it may feel different from the kind of relaxation you are accustomed to or expecting. This type of relaxation is available to us in all situations – and so you may find it more valuable than the ‘get ready for sleep’ relaxation that we are used to.

I’ll put the full list here. Over the next two weeks, there will be a post for each method, and some audio to help you take on the challenge.

  1. Tasting Relaxation – By the book. 
    Tasting Relaxation is Exercise 3 in Kum Nye Tibetan Relaxation by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. Follow the directions exactly for the beginning of a different kind of relaxing experience.
  2. Relaxing Layers of the Human Set-up – Part 1
    Beginning from the inside and working our way out, this one focuses on the relaxing the entire skeletal system.
  3. Relaxing Layers of the Human Set-up – Part 2
    Then we work on feeling the layer of muscles, tendons, ligaments and such over the bones
  4. Relaxing Layers of the Human Set-up – Part 3
    Organs, circulatory, respiratory, reproductive systems all the way out to the skin
  5. Relaxing the Senses
    Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and (in the Tibetan tradition) minding.
  6. Relaxing the Left and Right Sides
    You will probably be surprised at how different your left and right sides are.
  7. Relaxing the Upper and Lower Parts of the Body
    Ditto your upper and lower…
  8. Relaxing the Front and Back of the Body
    and the front and back.
  9. Relaxing the Energy Centers
    In Kum Nye, we focus on four energy centers – navel, heart, throat, and head. We’ll have a go at relaxing them all
  10. Relaxing the Breath
    What does it mean to relax the breath? How deep does the breath go into the body? How slow can you make it…? There are many dimensions to breathing, we’ll explore a few.

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