Core Skills of Kum Nye

Re-reading the first sections of Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, it seemed to me that there are some core skills of Kum Nye that Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche says are essential to the practice of Kum Nye.

  1. Developing stillness of body and mind
  2. Relaxing and energizing the body
  3. Breathing evenly through both nose and mouth
  4. Locating and staying with feelings and sensations and the flow of energy in the body
  5. Expanding feelings and sensations within the body
  6. Expanding feelings and sensations outside the body
  7. Moving slowly, smoothly, and rhythmically
  8. Exploring the inner environment

You can listen to an audio about the core skills by clicking here.

I believe the reason why these are essential is that they are not only useful for Kum Nye, they are useful in daily life. After all, the point of doing Kum Nye is not really to be good at Kum Nye. The point is to become good at living life. So we get good at Kum Nye so we can embody it, and we embody it so we can be good at living life.

So then how do these skills help us be better at living life? More about that next time.


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